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St. Augustine High School commits to the intellectual growth of the individual students focusing on our mission through a distinguished tradition of academic excellence, innovation, and service.


It's one thing to provide rigorous academics that challenge students to think critically, apply their knowledge, and grow through classroom- and project-based learning. It's quite another to create a culture of thoughtfulness that helps young men to develop character, leadership skills, and genuine care for others.


Core       Core
Five  Vs  Four 


Here at St. Augustine high school we know that the Louisiana state requirement is 22 credits but we require 32 credits because we set a very high standard of academic excellence at our institution. Most schools will only require a student to take 4 English, Math, Science and History courses but if a student starts with us in 8th grade they will take 5 classes for each core subject. 

8th                            9th               10th               11th              12th

English 8                  English I       English II       English III     English IV

Pre- Algebra            Algebra I      Algebra II      Geometry     Pre-Calculus

Earth Science (H)    Physical       Chemistry      Biology         Anatomy &

LA History                Science        World            American      Physiology

                                 World           History          History           American

                                 Geography                                             Government

Honors &


8th                            9th                10th               11th            12th

English I                   English II       English II       AP Lang     AP Literature

Algebra I                  Algebra II      Geometry      Pre-Cal       AP Calculus

Physical Science     AP Human     AP World       AP U.S.       AP U.S.

LA History                Geography    History           History       Government

Mandarin I                Chemistry     Biology          AP Physics  Anatomy &

                                 Mandarin II                                             Physiology




African American History

Advanced Band

Art I and Art II

Beginners Band

Black Theology

Computer Science

Computer Literacy


Health PE I and II

Intro to Business

Mandarin I, II, & III

Multi-Media Production

Music & Media

Principles of Bio-Medical Sciences

Principles of Engineering


Spanish I & II



St. Augustine High School offers dual enrollment courses for our students through our partnerships with Dillard University and Southern University in New Orleans. Students are welcome to take dual enrollment courses at other surrounding colleges and universities but it must not conflict with their high school class schedule.

In order to qualify for dual enrollment courses a student must have a cumulative GPA of a 2.5 or better and he must be a junior or senior student.

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