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Our School

St. Augustine High School is named after the late Saint Augustine of the Hippo.  Our institution consist of an all boys private college preparatory education which was founded by the Josephite Priests and Brothers in 1951.


Principal’s Welcome

Welcome Future Purple Knights!!! St. Augustine High School is looking for young men who posses the academic accomplishments and talent that will carry on a legacy of excellence that has been upheld for 70 years. St. Augustine High School prepares young men to step into their future through our unique combination of rigorous academics and enriching student life.


Your son will have every opportunity imaginable to develop the talents and interests that will lead him to success, college, and beyond. We believe that at St. Augustine High School, with hard work, great aspirations, and cultivation of talents, we will take your son to unimaginable heights throughout his life journey.


President's Welcome

Welcome to St. Augustine High School! A training ground for leadership through academic excellence, moral values, Christian responsibility and reasonable, consistent discipline. As an institution, we ensure young men are prepared for life.

Created in 1951, our school has been a beacon of hope in the world of education for the African American community. An institution steep in tradition, we provide best in class practices and disciplines for the maturation of our students to go from boyhood to manhood. 

It is our mission to sow confidence, nurture God-given talents and expand student’s minds beyond their own imaginations. There is an expectation that every St. Augustine man will leave us ready and prepared to carry the torch of leadership in whichever field he endeavors to embark on.

Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

Kendall Crawford

Student Affairs/ Strategic Initiatives


Joseph Gilyot

Vice Principal


Darren Dixon

Assistant Principal

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Aulston Taylor

President & CEO


Lasana Cambrice

Vice President


Gerald DeBose


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